Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy 8th Anniversary To Me and Manny!

I'm lucky to be married to the love of my life. I adore this man, even when he drives me up a wall and I want to strangle him. He's the father of my 3 little girls and is the most loving father I've ever seen. He's hard working, he's faithful, he's sweet and generous (usually) and he's a good man. He's moral and kind. He's a total guy's guy but he's also very (usually) sensitive. He does all the stupid guy stuff that guys do, except he doesn't go out and drink unless I shove him out the door. He's good friends with my friends. He's concerned and caring. He comes from a good family. He loves me.

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary. The day we married was just like today. Sunny, breezy, around 60ยบ. The whole week before and the whole week after it rained almost nonstop, but our wedding day was simply gorgeous. The day went perfectly and I was happy. Still am happy with more love in my life than I ever thought possible. The love of this wonderful man and our 3 daughters. What more could I ask for???

Ooh and how's this for an anniversary gift... Manny had the interview at Lowe's earlier this evening and they offered him the job for higher pay than what JCPenny was giving him before they laid him off! **pumping arm like a sports fanatic** What a huge relief! I think he starts Monday, and he'll be working 6-11 pm monday through friday! It'll keep us afloat financially, but I'll still be looking for a SAH job to help out if I can find one that's legit. I feel like an immense weight has been lifted. Thank you God! You rock!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Happy Anniversary and BIG GONGRATS on Manny's job. That's wonderful. I'm happy for y'all.

Amy (Cole's Mom)

~Jessica~ said...

Thanks Amy!