Friday, April 14, 2006

Scary Shite: Update on the Crazy Lady

The update is that, well, the Crazy Lady With No Uterus But Still Thinks She's Having Twins is still "pregnant" and she's 12/13 days past her "due date." Somehow, I'm not surprised. I am, however, bored with the whole thing and just hope that this woman gets some help. She's completely off her nut, but is STILL hanging on to the belief that she's somehow pregnant with Miracle Twins because of a hallucination she had where dotGod whispered "miracle babies" into her ear. Or it's an elaborate online hoax. Well, as elaborate as the typical EHealth reader can stand, anyway. She'd never get away with it on BBC ;-).

There's still some anticipation, where there's some hope that she either finally admits it was all a big fat hoax just so she could earn some money through her affiliate site based on number of hits to her page where her unchanging belly is posted with regular updates... or she posts and admits that there are simply no babies with some sort of "explanation." There's little chance that she'll just disappear never to be seen again because she keeps posting on EHealth.

OK, now can I just say that I try to post over there in the pregnancy forum. There is such gross misinformation being posted there and such a level of immaturity that it's astounding. On BabyCenter, even if a poster here and there isn't especially "all there" the level of intelligence is pretty good. Most posters in my experience are actually pretty educated and knowledgable, and I learn something new every day. I really enjoy the experience of BabyCenter, which is why I host 3 boards. But EHealth... holy crap. They're sort of the uneducated trailer trash and stupid teens that are in the special ed programs in elementary school. Full of posts like "Could I be pregnant if all we did was dry hump?" or "We took a bath together, and my bf didn't cum but I think I might be pregnant anyway because my period is tomorrow and it might be late." I'm not kidding or making this up. Admittedly, I only started posting there because of fatfamily, and when I poked around the site I felt obligated to try to post some correct info but honestly... my head hurts after reading too much over there. She did try to post on BabyCenter a couple years ago with an eerie post about the impending "expected miracle pregnancy."

I appreciate my BBC even more now, regardless of whiners who are convinced that BBC is trying to suppress their freedom of speech by disallowing vulgar cursing or explicit graphic discussions about sex. It's safe to say that once the fatfamily saga is over, I will gladly retire my SN at EHealth. I guess I feel like after getting this invested in the whole My'rackle Baybeez Saga, I should follow it through. I DESERVE to know how this ends damnit!!!

So, fatfamily's explanation so far as to why dotGod hasn't told her that it's time to deliver her myrackle baybeez and allowed dr's to see them is because all of her other full term pregancies were 2 weeks past their due date. Totally not taking into account the fact that without a uterus, she wouldn't go into labor. No water breaking, no contractions, no mucous plug to pop out. Remember, she was "due" April 1st. April Fool's Day. And 2 weeks late would make her baybeez "new due date" EASTER. I don't know if that means she thinks the Easter Bunny is going to show up with a sonogram and exclaim "Well gosh dern it, Dr Jekyll, dere's dem baybeez clear as day! Pony up and gimme dat dere chocolate scalpel! How in dotGod's name did you miss this???"

If you want to see the most recent posts, it's kinda dull. She just posts scripture and calls everyone a liar for not believing her. She doesn't even understand the meaning of the scriptures and bible passages that she's quoting. But the Posted New Photos is the only thread that EHealth is allowing to stay open on the fatfamily subject.

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kharizzmatik said...

LOL i read the crazy lady's posts.... all i can do is shake my head.

Ingi said...

I feel the same way! Like ehealth is for the slightly slow or the attention seekers. Have you looked at the teen forum? They are constantly bashing each other - not to mention the false information that runs rampant through the whole site. Heaven forbid someone disagree with something anyone else has to say, then they will all beat on that person repeatedly. Mostly I pm advice not 'assvice' like most give. I still have to wait it out. Mostly I think because now I despise the woman. I can't help it. I do. Is that wrong?

collinsmom05 said...

But Jessica, please, don't invalidate my feelings. I posted on EHealth. How do you think I got DH peed on me. I swear, it happened, we never even had sex. Do you think your boobs leaking during orgasm is a sign of pregnancy? Maybe we should direct some BBC posters to EHealth. Just a thought?

Um, and can I just say for the record that I could kill you for getting me addicted to fatfamily, lmao. I stayed up til 4 am one morning to read like the entire fatfamily saga. I would've LOVED to see the response to that kinda shit on BBC. I'm peeing myself just thinking about it. YIKES I better stop peeing, I might get pg...

(Can conditioner be used as lube to prevent pregnancy?)

~Jessica~ said...

OMG Lindsay I actually laughed out loud at your comment! I can't stop giggling! I can beat you though... I got pregnant from fingering. Yup, that's right... a dry finger at that.