Monday, January 23, 2006

Snowy Day

Juliana had a teacher inservice day today anyway, so she was already home, but it snowed last night and up until just a little while ago. It's still sort of puttering away a little bit out there but it's not like a raging storm. We JUST lost all of the other snow, it was melted and you could see the grass but nope, now we have at least a few more inches. I had hoped to take the girls to MIL's today for a play date with Lorena's kids. Well, Carina anyway since Samantha is only a month old.

The kids have pretty much destroyed all of the tidiness that was accomplished over the weekend, so I'd better get busy and straighten it up before Manny gets home. It's really discouraging that in ONE DAY they can trash the entire downstairs so thoroughly. Hell, it's not even an entire day yet! It's only 3:00!!! And apparently, I'm not going to be respected today. The girls act as if they can't hear me and they think No means "let's pester her til she gives in." AAAAUUUUGH! I need to get OUT of the house. I really need to be child free for a few hours pampering myself. I'm just... ah. I really do need a break. Alone.

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