Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gratefulness Journal

I thought it might be good to post my weekly gratefulness journal. It's an idea that's been bounced around by Oprah and the FlyLady. FlyLady rocks, BTW. I've been trying to ease into using her methods and they really do help., if you're interested in checking her out.

This week I'm grateful for:

1. Being healthy.
2. Having a husband who loves me.
3. Getting to be a SAHM.
4. My 3 beautiful daughters.
5. My digital camera, to save all of the wonderful moments with my 3 beautiful daughters.
6. Good friends.
7. A nice house with heat.
8. 2 working cars.
9. Food on the table.
10. Family that loves us.
11. My internet family from BabyCenter
12. My caddy bytches from BNaBBT & the laughs they manage to get from me without even trying. ;-)

You might be wondering about BNaBBT. It's a hysterical baby names site, where other "name snobs" such as myself have a safe place to shake our heads at bad baby names... hence the name Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing. I love baby names. I love names in general, and I love researching them and finding out about them. I love some trends and despise others. But that can be a whole different post. If you click that link and join the site, just be prepared if you like or have used tryndee baby names... you might have the initial reaction of "OMGawd what caddy bytches they R! They R so MEEEEN they hate names and there4 hate poor wittow baybeez with those names!" Nope, that's not the case. If you go there, go in with an open mind and ready to laugh. Don't take it too seriously or you'll walk away pissed.

We spent the afternoon at my moms for dinner today. My dad made his sauce and pasta, my mom made her apple pie (the best from scratch apple pie I've ever had) and her boxed brownies. How can the woman who insists on nothing but REAL apple pie from scratch also think boxed brownies are the best? Sigh, poor deluded woman. Maybe this shouldn't bother me about the visit, but it does. After dinner, Grace took my hand and said "Momsy, we get our jackets and go for a walk?" I said sure, let's get our coats and we'll go for a walk alone, then come back for your uncles and Juliana." Don't you know that just them all seeing me get Gracie's coat was taken as an invitation for us ALL to go together? I just wanted a few minutes for a walk down the street with her alone, and I ended up having to share the time. She didn't even walk with me for the majority of the whole thing. We went a couple of miles total, and walked up to the elementary school my brothers and I attended. The walk was nice and all, but I had hoped to go with JUST Grace and THEN go with everyone else. No such luck. On the walk back home, Juliana and I walked together, and we took a different route home than the others, which was nice and it was fun. But I feel gipped that I didn't get to have one-on-one time with just Gracie. Is that silly??? Out of all of my girls, Gracie is the one who needs me most sometimes. She's just so sensitive and hyper-reactive when we don't get enough Mommy-Gracie time. She's so much easier and happier when we get regular time, especially if I'm able to point it out to her. She had a blast today, but it wasn't just with me. Not that I can't share her... but I needed a few minutes with just us. OK I feel better. We DID get a nice little shower together this morning before leaving for my moms. She just invited herself in and told me she needed her cheeks cleaned ;-).

Oops Grace is begging for macaroni and cheese. BBL!

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