Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gratefulness Journal

1. BFN on EPT (we'll revisit that one maybe tomorrow)
2. chocolate
3. a warm bed
4. a fridge full of good food
5. 3 silly daughters
6. my moms on Feb 05
7. my best friend
8. my husband
9. being a mom to all the same gender
10. Anneliese's Silly Faces game
11. Grace's exclamation that the bathroom door was "frozen shut" because she jammed it... it gave me a much needed laugh
12. Advil
13. Paxil
14. internet
15. coffee
16. cold medicine
17. hot showers
18. DVR
19. Gracie smiling at me
20. hearing "I love you" every day from the man whom I adore more than any other person on Earth

Wow I managed to get to 20 today! Whoo hoo!


Jennifer said...

Ahh, but Jess...if you get a BFP and I get one too this month, we could be in the same birth club again!!! November 02 AND Oct 06! :) (But seriously, I hope you get whatever answer you're longing for on your EPT). :)

~Jessica~ said...

Aaahhh now see, I would LOVE a BFP but there are so many reasons to be grateful if the BFN sticks around ;-). I'm torn, actually, and would love one more baby but Manny is soooo not into the idea. I would LOVE to share another birth club with you sweetie (esp if we both hosted it heh heh)! I hope you get your BFP!