Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Great Holiday

We had such a nice Christmas. We got to spend it with both sides of the family, and had a wonderful dinner with each. The girls enjoyed spending time with their cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents. There was a minimum of craziness and tears. I'm sure being treated for PPD helped immensely, because I have a feeling if I weren't being treated as I wasn't treated in years past, I'd have been a miserable sobbing wreck. Not through any fault of our families, but just from the stress of the family dynamics and finances and stuff like that. Good food, generous gifts, spiritual communion, good company. That's all anyone can ask for at the holidays. So many people have such a hard time emotionally this time of year. It saddens me that statisically, most suicides occur between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. It saddens me that some people can't see the joy in Christmas or what it's all about. It's annoying to me that people think the religious reason for Christmas is a load of crap, that Jesus was fictional. Historically the man existed but why criticize anyone for believing he truly was the Messiah? I know that He most likely was born in late Spring or in the Summer, and the December "birth" date is pretty arbitrary. I agree that it was lame of Christians to steal the December date to try to further their conversion of Pagans. But it doesn't lessen the importance of the holiday.

Anyway, I've got a bit of a headache today. I was sick most of last week with a tummy bug, and I think I'm still recovering from that. Thankfully the kids have all been healthy and that's really all that matters.

My mom is still recovering from having blood clots. I forget if I posted this or not but the week before Thanksgiving my mom finally got to her dr about her shortness of breath and soreness in her legs, and after some testing it was clear that her blood clots came back, this time in her right leg. The shortness of breath is due to the fact that there are tiny pieces of blood clots (essentially tiny blood clots themselves) in her lungs. She was home the day before Thanksgiving from the hospital, and has been home since but needs continuous testing since she's still short of breath and still feeling some soreness & tiredness in her leg. I'm worried and trying not to be. I made sure to get her favorite birthday gift; Cottom Blossom shower gel and body lotion from Bath & Body Works. It's her one indulgence, and the only perfumed body stuff she likes, thanks to her sensitive nose and overly picky tastes hee hee. But every year she said that she secretly hopes that's what she'll get, and I can't disappoint her since she refuses to spend the money for it herself. She does so much for us that she really deserves a special treat like that. I also made her a chocolate cake from scratch, Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake, with my own special Confectioner's Buttercream icing. OMG it was soooo delicious and decadant. She really does deserve the best, and I always try to make her Christmas Eve Birthday special. I love my mom.

We almost didn't get our Christmas tree up this year. I've always been paranoid about the kids wrecking it or pulling it on top of themselves since Juliana started to crawl, but this year they've done pretty well. Of course, it didn't go up until Christmas Eve. And the lights aren't plugged in. But it's in a great spot, it's in the play room aka sun room and it looks really nice. I only put the unbreakables on the tree, or at least the ornaments that I don't care if they break and won't hurt the kids if they do break.

I'm really looking forward to the New Year. We're having a New Year's Eve dinner party. It's actually much more simple than it sounds. Tracy and Steve are coming over with their kids for a turkey dinner. My first turkey dinner. They'll be bringing some food as well, and most likely sleeping over after we ring the new year in together. It's sort of a tradition for our 2 families to spend the New Year together, and there's nothing better than starting the New Year with our best friends

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