Thursday, December 01, 2005

Was That A Compliment?!?

I had my shrink appointment today and I've been declared "surprisingly stable for a holiday season." Is there an insult in there somewhere? I know my shrink means well and probably thinks she was being funny but I'm not quite sure how to take that. Am I not stable enough??? Should I be more of a basket case during holidays since I'm a year-round crazy nut to begin with? And why is it when I wonder these things in my appointments I can't say it out loud? I have no problems being confrontational when I need to be but for some reason, I can't be here LOL. Not that I dislike my shrink, she's nice and she's good but there's something in her attitude sometimes that I'm not sure what she's thinking.

Oh and criminy WTH is that smell? BRB... there's a godawful stench trailing one of the girls. Dum-dee-dum. OK Anneliese was in dire need of help. Even Grace said "Whoa Momsy, dat's some really messy shit!" Sigh. And we worry about how much she really understands LOL.

Anyway, I'm definitely making progress with Grace. I've been having more "I must be a good Mommy" moments than usual with her. She just makes me laugh so much and it's nice to see more of the silly little girl that the satanic one has been replacing so much lately. I took this video when we got home from the photo shoot the other night when Grace was crying no reason at all. Literally just a tantrum because she felt like it. She didn't know what to do when she saw me whip out the camera, and realized the tantrum failed LOL. I'm so mean.

OK I have a wee one pulling my leg so it's time to go for now. She wants to listen to music and play.

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