Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kids & Dots

This is a vent. You were warned.

I was hungry so (stupidly) I thought, "Hmmm dinner might be nice."

So I fed the kids, the only one of which liked dinner being Anneliese. Juliana turned up her nose and said "I don't do casseroles" so I said "Ok, if you don't eat that then I guess you'll be hungry tonight." Her response was "What? No treats or dessert?" You can guess what my reply to that was. Grace just never bothered to come for dinner, she just went into the fridge and ate 1/2 lb of honey turkey from the deli.

So I'm eating my dinner in the dining room. I was amazed that they were letting me eat and enjoy my meal. I could hear Juliana puttering in the kitchen but didn't think much of it because the kids like to play with some of the plastic cookware I have.

Suddenly I hear a CRASH in the living room, almost like something shattering but not quite. Anneliese is crying because the sound scared her, Grace is going "Uh oh.... here dums Momsy!"

Juliana takes off like a bat outta he-double-hockey-sticks and says "I'm going to bed now! G'night!" I shouted "OH NO YOU DON'T. What happened in here?" because I didn't even see what the problem was yet. Just the 3 of them staring doe-eyed at the glide rocker. That was my only clue.

So I moved the glide rocker to find that Juliana had found (and dropped) an open, full 1/4 lb container of those dot-sprinkles that you use to decorate cookies.

And. They. Were. Everywhere.

Juliana had the fear of God in her eyes so I took a deep breath and then told her to go get the vacuum cleaner. She's vacuuming using the hose attachments as I type this and the little stinker is humming. I told her not to stop until every stinking dot is cleaned up. And no fun allowed. The little stinker had fun cleaning up. Sigh.

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