Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Funny & Homemaker Me Gets Busy

Oh this is too funny. Juliana was on the phone with my mom, who says "So, who has a birthday coming up?" And Juliana says to her "My mom does, it's on the calandar and says 'my birthday' on Thursday. It's October 13th." My mom then says "So do you know how old your mommy is going to be?" Julana says "She's going to be 25." My mom then says "No, she's going to be 31." Juliana turns to me and says "Gramma said you're going to be 31." I chuckled and said "It's my birthday, I should know... I'm going to be 25. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I get to be 25 again if I want to." So Juliana goes back to my mom and says "She said she's 25 and you can't make her be 31." See you have to train them early on LOL. I can be young forever as long as I have kids.

Anneliese is crawling now, BTW. She turned 8 months old on 10/5 and she's been crawling for about 2 weeks. She can go into a sitting position from crawling too and even climb up one step from the porch into the house. She tries really hard to talk already and has some regular words she uses plus she's gesturing a bit too. She's getting rough, though... she likes to poke, grab, pinch, and scratch the face and it HURTS! She thinks it's funny and affectionate but I'm gonna be bleeding from the eyes soon if she doesn't stop.

Grace is still frouffy. She's still refusing to wear clothes at home or let me do her hair unless it's immediately after bathing. I can get clothes on her (with a lot of coaxing) only if we're going out someplace but as soon as we're home she's nekkid again. It's getting cold out now too, and she even gets goosebumps which she tries to wipe off of herself. And sometimes she'll go find a shirt or something and wear it for an hour and then she takes it off. Once in a while, she'll wear a t-shirt to bed and then take it off during the night or 1st thing in the morning.

Happy Homemaker Jessica made curtains! Well, in reality I sewed some seams on a few edges of fabric and sewed a quilt ribbon on the top of it so that it could hang on a curtain rod and then I called them curtains. Juliana has Disney Princesses with a purple background, which makes her Pepto Bismol Pink room (Ok Princess Pink) look all purplish and nice and cozy. Grace has Strawberry Shortcake with the minty green background which just softens Gracie's room up a lot. I didn't have enough fabric to make them really long though so you can still see the bottom of the window panes. They were really just practice for the curtains I need in my bedroom and the play room. And kitchen and bathrooms. LOL Eventually I'll get to those and hopefully they'll look nice too.

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