Monday, August 03, 2009

Migraine Update

It seems to be a nice enough day. It's partly cloudy and about 83ºF. So why are we stuck in the house with the air conditioning on? I'm recovering from yet another migraine and the kids are playing Super Mario Party on the SN-64. They don't seem to want to budge. I had debated taking them to Six Flags today but no one seems to be around to go with us (I'm not fond of taking them by myself since Juliana likes to go on a lot of rides her younger sisters can't go on). I might have to force them out of the house and fill up the wading pool to get them out. In all honesty, I still feel as if I need a nap. I have that almost-dizzy feeling from the migraine even though it's on its way out, and I have a little pain on the sides of my head.

I did manage to get to the neurologist the week before last. He thinks the increase in migraines is due to stress that needs to be better controlled. Honestly, it's as well-controlled as it's going to be without over-medicating myself and meditating for hours on end. My blood pressure is excellent and I'm not presently depressed. My anxiety is mostly under control. I'm also on my third week now of taking Topamax. Topamax is a daily prophylactic aimed to help prevent migraines or at least minimize their damage when they occur. I had to start with a low dosage taking it once a day in the morning for two weeks. Now I'm taking it once in the morning and once at night. It's still a low dosage but I'm noticing a difference. The frequency is less, although as I've already noted I'm still getting migraines. I had one doozy over the weekend thanks to some horrible weather. I know from past migraines under the same circumstances that this one wasn't as bad as it could have been, so that means the medication was working well and minimized the severity of the migraine. I'm hoping that when I have my check-up in September that I can increase the dosage again.

Just to make sure everything is all right and to cover the bases I have an MRI scheduled for this coming Saturday. Let's pray that the results are normal. It should only take an hour for the entire procedure, and they recommended I take my anti-anxiety meds since I'm claustrophobic. They also recommended that someone drive me there and back due to the anxiety and anxiety meds. They think there's a chance I'll be "too anxious" or "too relaxed." Mmm-kay. Whatever. Mr. His Highness said he'll drive me, but that means we'll have to take the girls with us. Good luck to him keeping the girls occupied while I'm in the procedure. I might suggest that he take the girls for a walk outside around the building and take them to lunch.

So now I think I'll take the girls outside. The clouds have made it so that it's not so bright outside, and I think my eyes can handle it without triggering a shiny new migraine. I don't want the girls' brains to turn to mush thanks to Mario and Luigi.

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