Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gratefulness Journal Thursday

Today is a bit of a quiet day after a very busy week, so I thought I'd take the chance to sit for a bit and do my gratefulness journal. On this Thursday in July 2009 I am very grateful for:

  1. My three daughters.
  2. My husband
  3. My best friends
  4. My two sweet natured cats
  5. Iced coffee
  6. Air conditioning
  7. Indoor, private showers and bathrooms
  8. Comfortable sandals
  9. That Princess Grace didn't destroy my cell phone last night when she spilled water on it.
  10. Toilet plungers
  11. Nice repair men who come to fix broken dishwashers that have been broken for two weeks.
  12. Having a working dishwasher after not having one for two entire weeks.
  13. Box fans
  14. Cotton clothes
  15. Bubble wrap and bubble gum, for when Princess Grace needs some help self-soothing
  16. That my neurologist is such a nice guy, which reminds me that I have to make an appointment for my MRI.
  17. The fact that it looks like the heavy rain the weather guys are predicting will hold off until this evening.
  18. Remote controls
  19. Paper towels
  20. Pajama days
  21. Nail files
  22. Pretty jewelry
  23. Ped Egg. Yes, Ped Egg. For the first time in YEARS my eczema-ridden right foot is callous-free and almost smooth, and the break-outs are easier to handle.
  24. For the fact that I got my Ped Egg for free using my CVS Extra Care Bucks!!!
  25. CVS Extra Care Bucks, baby!
  26. Medical insurance to cover all of our prescriptions.
  27. The generosity of friends that give us clothing for my girls when their girls outgrow their practically brand-new and never-worn clothing.
  28. BJ's Wholesale Club for certain things like chicken, fruit, veggies, pasta, and a few other things. Bulk can be good if done with discretion.
  29. The internet and Google, so that I can look up how to do stuff and make stuff at home inexpensively rather than having to buy expensive versions.
  30. Slim Fast and Special K.

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