Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gratefulness Journal Sunday

It's been a while since I made a gratitude entry, so why not on a Sunday? Today, I am very grateful for…

  1. My three beautiful, silly, funny, smart daughters.
  2. My handsome, if not somewhat grumpy, husband.
  3. My brothers.
  4. Having been able to go out with my kid brother's fiancée this past Wednesday to pick out Princess Juliana's flower girl dress. It was nice to get to know her better one on one without the pressure of anyone else.
  5. My best friend.
  6. Air conditioners.
  7. A working car.
  8. Bathrooms with doors.
  9. Thick and soft toilet paper.
  10. Having my GPS back all fixed and working! Actually, I think they sent back a brand new one. Boo yah!
  11. Iced coffee.
  12. Pizza with bacon.
  13. That my SIL and cousin are both having healthy pregnancies, and that they're both happy they're having baby boys.
  14. Paper towels.
  15. Remote controls.
  16. Fans
  17. Having a GREAT hair stylist who works magic on my hair.
  18. Straws
  19. Being just about finished with back-to-school supply shopping.
  20. Remembering how to cover books the old fashioned way, since two of Princess Juliana's books will need book covers, which were part of her supply list.
  21. Topamax. Seriously, it's like the Anti-Migraine.
  22. Our steam cleaner. It's actually been a pretty decent investment.
  23. The generosity of friends and friends' families when they give us barely-worn like-new clothes for the girls, like skirts (especially since Princess Grace will only wear skirts lately).
  24. Reconnecting with old classmates and getting to be friends with them, and having our children get to be friends too.
  25. The continued improvement to my health since my breast reduction.
  26. When Princess Asperger has a great day, such as today. I love hearing her giggle and seeing her smile.
  27. My two precious, sweet, charming, silly, personable cats.
  28. Soft pillows.
  29. When I can find USB cables without having to tear the house apart.
  30. When the printer works and I don't have to threaten it with hurling it out the f&@$^%! window.

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