Monday, August 31, 2009

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

On this lovely Monday morning, I'm grateful for…

  1. My three beautiful daughters.
  2. My hard-working husband.
  3. My best friends.
  4. My two sweet, charming cats.
  5. Hot coffee.
  6. Detangling spray.
  7. Lactose-free "chewy" bars in the form of Nature Valley trail mix bars for Princess Asperger.
  8. Inexpensive co-pays for monthly prescriptions.
  9. The alarm clock in my cell phone.
  10. Princess Asperger's willingness to go to school this year.
  11. Two out of three kids are in school full time this year.
  12. A working DVR.
  13. One working TV.
  14. My GPS.
  15. Bathrooms that have doors on them.
  16. The dremmel that Mr. His Highness bought because it makes removing wallpaper from the girls' bedroom so much easier.
  17. Finally being able to redo both of the girls bedrooms.
  18. Comfy pajamas for adults.
  19. Good music.
  20. Cute sandals.

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