Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Stormy Times

I'll bet you thought that was a euphemism for my living situation or marriage. It's not. Last night we had one of the most spectacularly bad thunderstorms we've had in a while. Heavy winds, heavy downpours, many lightning strikes, loud cracks of thunder, booming rolls of thunder, and three scared children. It was amazing, really, because we went from late daylight with about 82ºF to about 65º within moments. There's another one gearing up right now. It looks like it's 8:30 PM outside, and the rain is picking up. It's getting windier and the thunder is starting to get louder.

That's my cue to turn off the computer and television, and sit on the porch until the storm gets close. Of course, the kids will freak out that I'll get toasted by lightning, and it'll be quiet except for the rain and the cars puddle-swooshing by.

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