Monday, July 06, 2009

Princess Daisy Pearl

My cat, Daisy Pearl, is a girlie girl frou frou princess. She really is, I swear. She's a one-year-old ball of feline royalty in the form of a fluffy pink and white princess. She has this tendency to steal the girls' hair elastics, especially if they're frilly and lacey. She also likes to steal Barbie doll clothes. Not just any Barbie doll clothes, mind you, but Ballerina Barbie doll clothes. If a stuffed animal or stuffed doll comes with a stuffed toy of its own, she'll steal that too. Heaven forbid you take it back and play with it in the capacity it was intended, it's now hers. She has a love of Disney stuffed princesses as well. Today, she carried around a stuffed Ariel mermaid doll that's about ¾ of her own size. She had to rest and reset every several feet in order to carry it around with her. And then there are the Q-Tips. We have to lock them up because she thinks the box of Q-Tips belong to her. She plays with them, chews on them, tosses them, hides them, and bats them around like they're injured moths.

Not only does Daisy play with this stuff, but she'll put them in her water dish or food dish for safekeeping. I also find things lined up around the litter boxes. Scooping kitty litter this evening, I found no less than three Q-Tips and two hair elastics in the kitty litter. Sometimes I find these things in my window sills. Most of the things she steals are pink or purple with the exception of the Q-tips. A good number of them are glittery and/or shiny.

Her princessy demeanor is enhanced by the fact that she's virtually all white, except for the little-old-man patch of gray on top of her head, so all of her skin is pink. If she's in the sun, you can see through her thick white fur and do a double-take from the pink glow. Ears, nose, paws, lips, tongue, face… all pink. Heaven forbid she gets in trouble, because she has The Innocent Face perfected. Being royalty, she wouldn't dare have a Guilty Face. She's used to being loved and spoiled, snuggled and hugged. Even her furry companion, Darth Luna Tinkerbell, can't diminish her princessesque lifestyle.

All bow down to Princess Daisy.

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