Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Can Has Teh Stupids Today

I seriously think I have a case of Teh Stupids today. Focusing takes some serious effort today, and everything around me sounds and looks like noise. It takes a moment longer than usual to process questions and statements from the kids today, and it's to the point where they think I'm ignoring them or not listening. Then I have to ask them to repeat because the noise of complaining sends the original statement they made out of my head. There's also the feeling of a sort of dysphasia… I hear something on TV or something the kids say, or read something that I know is in English and is something I should understand but it's like it may as well be in Mandarin. I have to step back for a few minutes and rewind/reread and then it's a Doh Moment.

These things happen occasionally, but today it's like all of Teh Stupid is ganging up on me. I need sleep. And quiet time away from the kids. And decreased noise levels. The perfect solution would actually be lazing around in a backyard swimming pool, tanning and floating and occasionally swimming to cool off from the sunbathing. It's too bad I don't have a pool, or know anyone nearby who has a pool I can borrow. For that matter, it's too bad I don't have anyone available right now to take the kids for a month. As much as I adore my children and love them to pieces, damn it if I don't need a break.

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