Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Gratefulness Journal

It's time for another mid-week gratefulness journal. On this dreary, chilly, can't-decide-what-it-wants-to-do-weathery-day, I'm very grateful for:

  1. My handsome, hard working husband.
  2. My three beautiful daughters.
  3. A nice home, even if it's not always tidy.
  4. The kids being able to play in a private yard.
  5. Good neighbors.
  6. My very good friends.
  7. That I didn't get totally trashed at the Bar Crawl reunion.
  8. That I got to reconnect with some old friends at the Bar Crawl and reinforced new friendships with some people I wasn't friends with in high school.
  9. My best friends, T, J, and C.
  10. My parents.
  11. My brothers.
  12. That my grandmother didn't hurt herself more seriously when she fell Friday.
  13. DVRs of Blue's Clues.
  14. Hot coffee.
  15. Fresh foods.
  16. My gym membership, and that the gym is in a good location and is nice and clean and updated.
  17. Coupons.
  18. Allergy medication.
  19. That Grace has been looking forward to school for the past couple of weeks again, instead of screaming and crying that she hates school refusing to go.
  20. That Grace has some really great teachers and therapists.
  21. That Juliana is happy at school lately too, and is pulling her act together to try to get the best grades she can.
  22. The gifts of hand-me-down clothing from two very good friends for my girls, some of which still has tags on it.
  23. That my girls are generally happy, sweet, generous, kind, well-behaved children.
  24. Yogurt.
  25. Hot showers.
  26. Baking soda.
  27. Knife sharpeners.
  28. When I make something for dinner that 2/3 of my kids say they won't eat because it's disgusting before they've even tasted it, then end up asking for seconds because "it was the best dinner ever."
  29. That we had the GPS when driving down to Stratford this past Sunday for my brother's fiancee's bridal shower. Without it we'd never have made it there, seeing as how internet maps tend to suck donkey balls.
  30. Iced tea.

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