Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gratefulness Journal, Midweek

I decided that I didn't feel like waiting until Friday to do a gratefulness journal. It's been a rough week for me, and today was a really good day. I've been frazzled and short-tempered, and I think it's because I've been taking my meds too late in the day. It keeps me awake if I take it too late, which makes me grumpy, and I get headaches late in the day if I forget and have to take it in the evening. I think I'm back on track, though, which makes me grateful for a lot of things.

Today I'm very grateful for…

  1. My three lovely daughters.
  2. My husband.
  3. Advil
  4. A good support system of friends and family.
  5. Mom and Tracy, that would be you.
  6. My sweet little kitties.
  7. Heating pads
  8. The weed whacker
  9. Hot showers
  10. Nail files
  11. Digital cameras
  12. Yogurt
  13. Plastic spoons
  14. The free food that the spousal unit brings home from work sometimes.
  15. Icy cold drinks
  16. Coffee
  17. Decaffeinated green tea.
  18. When the girls help clean up the messes they make.
  19. That the girls think yard work is something fun to help with.
  20. When formatting works properly on this document, without getting all glitchy.
  21. That the last two nights in a row, the two younger kiddos slept in their own beds in their own room and not mine!!!
  22. Lactaid fast act chewables for Grace.
  23. That the oldest kiddo has been doing her homework without it being a struggle lately.
  24. When the girls eat well.
  25. A cozy bed with clean sheets.
  26. Having a new free cell phone to replace the other lost one, especially so that I can have an alarm in the morning that doesn't wake anyone except myself.
  27. When the girls get along.
  28. That Grace is feeling better today.
  29. Wellbutrin and Klonopin.
  30. Toilet paper and paper towels
  31. My dishwasher and clothes washer
  32. Having a working phone and answering machine again.
  33. Having a new, unpublished, unlisted, completely PRIVATE home phone number.
  34. The blessed silence of having a private number that the telemarketers, pollsters, charities, random businesses, and generally harassing People Who Should Not Have Our Number To Call All Hours of the Day And Night can't get a hold of.
  35. That my yard is now edged and no longer looking too over-grown.
  36. Gardening gloves.
  37. Laundry detergent that has a nice scent.
  38. The feeling of freshly washed hair and freshly dried pajamas.
  39. Hearing the girls giggling together.
  40. DVR

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