Friday, April 24, 2009

Four Months Post Op!

I'm officially four months post-surgery and feeling great. I'm more and more thankful daily that I went through with it. My only back pain now is if I over-do it and my sciatica goes out (which is not frequently any longer) or if I throw it out doing something too stressful on my back. The shoulder and neck pain are gone. The headaches from all of that are gone. Of course, the headaches due to stress and migraines are still around, but it's still a major improvement.

Healing is mostly done, except for the redness and sensitivity of the scar-lines. I'm healed enough to start back at the gym on May 1st! I can hardly wait. I plan on going a minimum of three days a week, more when possible.

It's also been easier to lose weight now that I can move around and get around more easily. I'm still shocked, though, when I can walk between parked cars without having to alter my course. I used to have to judge if I could fit my chest past side mirrors that were close to each other between two cars. I'm still shocked that I can see my feet when I look down. I'm still shocked that I can wear things I haven't worn in years. It's just amazing, and every day there's something new that I'm realizing is easier or better because the weight has been removed from my chest.

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