Thursday, September 25, 2008

MRI, Seizure Meds, and Parades, OH MY!

I finally have an MRI scheduled for my craptastic shoulder! It's been pretty decent since Sunday, but it gets tired very easily still and very sore. Today I'm feeling twinges if I push it too hard. I had started wondering if it was finally healed, but clearly it's not. I'm just babying it. The MRI is scheduled for September 30th, at 1:30. Manny is taking the day off so that I don't have to take Anneliese with me and to make sure that someone is home to get Juliana and Grace off of their buses.

It's been many years since my last MRI. I had one as a kid when we were trying to diagnose my migraines.

I officially started Grace on her anti-seizure medication last night. I waited this long (since Sept. 5th) so that I could see what we could do naturally to help minimize the incidents of seizures. Keeping her out of strobe lighting and direct, bright, bright sunlight as much as possible seems to help. Obviously we can't eliminate either 100%, but she seems to understand when we tell her that if her head or eyes start to "feel different" she should get out of direct sunlight and cover her eyes when there are flashing and strobing lights. It also seems to occur more often when she's feeling high anxiety, is over-tired, and is having a day with a lot of autistic triggers that make her day difficult. Now I have something more substantial to bring to her neurologist at her check-up in October.

So, our town is celebrating its 375th anniversary as the first chartered town in Connecticut. We're officially the first settled and established town in CT (and New England in general) but a couple of other towns "challenge" that particular claim, like Glastonbury, CT. Our charter actually proves when it officially
became a recognized town. All of the schools in town will have a place in the parade, and Juliana's school even has its own float. Grace has a t-shirt for her school. The plan is for Manny to walk with both girls behind Juliana's school float, but she's in the process of earning the privilege back, so if she doesn't, Manny and Grace will walk with Grace's school. People are encouraged to wear period clothing if they have it, and with such a large historical district and so many historical homes and old families here, I'll bet there will be a lot of period clothing. There's going to be a huge Gala as well, where people can dress up formally in period clothing too. That one is $70 a head!

OK, so I have to head off for a bit, but will be back later for my gratefulness journal. Seems to hit me mid-week.

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