Friday, May 09, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Friday

I just realized that missed doing the journal this past Friday AND Monday due to party prep and clean-up. Time to get on the ball! Today, I am so very grateful for…

  1. My three wonderful daughters.
  2. My hard-working, handsome husband.
  3. My friends.
  4. My family.
  5. That Juliana's First Communion and party went off without a hitch.
  6. That Grace has such great teachers and therapists through her schooling.
  7. That my nose actually smelled the gas and I was able to identify it as gas, and figured out to check the gas stove, and the house didn't blow up. Thank GOD the house didn't blow up, and we didn't get poisoned from the gas, and I've figured out that it's Anneliese who keeps doing this so that I can now discipline her properly on it.
  8. Seriously, thank God, because the smell was strong enough for ME to smell it, and my sniffer doesn't work really well most of the time.
  9. That the cat is all right, and didn't inhale too much gas.
  10. I have enough lactose-free cheeses to make a pizza tonight for dinner.
  11. The house is still pretty tidy after a week.
  12. Imitrex.
  13. Advil.
  14. Paxil.
  15. Delicious, inexpensive iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts to satisfy the coffee craving without having to make a pot and wait for it to chill on my own. There's nothing like living in the country that promotes immediate gratification.
  16. Kitty litter that lives up to the claims on the box.
  17. Absorbent paper towels.
  18. Vanilla-scented Oil of Olay shower wash. YUMMY!
  19. Hair-repair products.
  20. Hair vitamins, and how quickly they actually work! (been taking "Hair" and 1000 mg Biotin for 2 weeks and it's WORKING!)

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