Friday, March 14, 2008

Very Bad Things To Do: Part 5

  • Scooping kitty litter and pouring it into your Little People's Castle. The Little People, and Mommy, don't appreciate it.
  • Pushing the cat's face fur back so that her eyes bulge.
  • Trying to unclog a toilet without Mommy or Daddy's help.
  • Stuffing keyholes with toilet paper, pieces of wet wipes, tiny rocks, and clay.
  • Using food coloring as finger paint.
  • Ripping gift tissue into millions of little pieces, that are too big to vacuum, but too small to be convenient to clean up.
  • Playing in snow with crocs and no socks.
  • Using an entire bottle of foaming hand wash in two days.
  • "Helping" Mommy refill the sugar shaker with salt.
  • Peeing on Mommy's bed, and then blaming Mommy for it.
  • Staying home sick from school, and then running around like a little lunatic.
  • Watching Barbie as Mariposa 4 times in a row. Blech.
  • Copying Timmy Turner's whine from Fairly Oddparents.
  • Copying Ping Wing's (or whatever the frick the baby duck's name is) speech impediment because you think it's "cute and cool."
  • Pulling craft eyes off a school-art penguin ON PURPOSE no less, and then crying about it immediately following the action.
  • Running away from Mommy when it's time to get dressed for school, because you think it's OK to wear a leotard to class.
  • Turning the fridge dial from its current setting, thusly either making the milk warm and sour, or freezing everything and losing veggies to frost.

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