Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraq War Anniversary... Already Five Years

This is not an anniversary I want to honor, because it's not a happy anniversary. It's not a feel-good anniversary. It's important to recognize today as the beginning of the fracturing of our great nation. It's important to remember and honor the soldiers we have lost over the past five years.

As of today, per the daily count in the Washington Post, there have been 4,462 Total Fatalities.
Operation Iraqi Freedom: 3,980
Operation Enduring Freedom: 482

This image was created using the images of fallen American Soldiers who have died in the Iraq War.

But this isn't just about the American Soldier, or American lives lost. It's important to remember our fellow citizens of this planet, the innocent Iraqi civilians who have died because of this war and make up the majority of the loss of human life, victims of "collateral damage" on the American side as well as being murdered by their own fellow Iraqis. I was going to post a couple of photos, but in all honesty, they are simply too graphic, and I don't want to risk someone's child walking past the computer and seeing the horrific result of war directly in their small faces.

It's important to pray for better than what we have all lost and experienced. We must pray for those who have had to be firsthand witnesses to this bloodshed, in a war that should never have begun. I can only imagine the horrors of what our soldiers have witnessed, and not just American soldiers and innocent Iraqis, but Canadian soldiers, British soldiers, and all others who are there offering their humanitarian services to help the physically injured and emotionally battered learn to cope and get back to living.

Bring Them Home

Conetta Jean

Lord, there’s a war that is raging
Help us bring our soldiers home..
Lord theres a war that is raging
we need to bring our soldiers home.
If i had some kind of power
I’d just bring them soldiers home…..

well, this old war ain’t a man’s war
Lord, there’s women soldiers too
No, this old war ain’t just a mans war
Lord there’s women soliders too…
mothers & brothers
fathers and son
daughters and sisters
aunts and uncles every one….

Lord, there’s a war that is raging
Help us bring us soldiers home
there’s a war that’s a ragin’
we need to bring our soliders home
If i had any kind of powers
I’d just bring the soldiers home…

Too many’s died already,
Lord help us bring our Soldiers home
too manys died already
we need to bring them soldiers home….
I ask Lord that you guide us
so we can bring our soldiers home
Let’s bring em home…..

they are our nieces and our nephews
our husbands- wives- and friends
our co-workers and neighbors
Lord it’s time the violence end
I ask that you will listen
as our prayers come one by one
Agreeing that this war must end
and that it shall be done…..

too manys died already
Lord let’s bring our soldiers home
too manys died already
Lord it’s time to bring them home…
I ask Lord that you guide us
Help us bring our soldiers home..

safe and sound Lord, On Amerian ground…


Z said...

I hate it when people blame Bush. Don't forget CONGRESS had to vote and still hase to vote on the war and to CONTINUE it. What ever happened to UNITED WE STAND?

♫J€§§¡¢a♥W€§§¡¢a♫ said...

True, Matt, but it stopped being United when Bush stopped listening to an overwhelming majority ask him to change tactics. Not just the politicians in meetings, but the People. Standing United sometimes has to mean standing AGAINST the President, rather than just accepting what he says and does and hope that he's right.