Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Saturday

I know, I know, I'm a day late but really, is it EVER too late to count your blessings? So, on this sun-shiny Saturday, I am especially grateful for:

  1. My hard-working husband.
  2. My three beautiful daughters.
  3. Grace's special services teachers, for all of the hard work they've been doing with her.
  4. Grace's preschool teachers, for being so patient with her, when I know how hard it can be to teach her.
  5. My mom, for not being too pissed off that I missed our Thursday lunch date.
  6. Wal*Mart, for having everything we needed for Easter.
  7. The delicious scent of chocolate chip cheesecakes wafting from my oven.
  8. That I got to spend an entire afternoon with Grace running errands, just the two of us. I don't want her to suffer from middle child syndrome with everything else that girl has to deal with (Asperger kiddo).
  9. That I got to sneak in an hour-work-out at the gym today, since Grace agreed to play in their play room.
  10. Disposable toilet cleaner stuff, with wands so that my hands don't have to go anywhere near the throne.
  11. That I got to spend a nice and leisurely mid-day with my best friend and her children yesterday.
  12. That the first thing Anneliese just did after waking from a nap was to come give me a kiss.
  13. The happy look on Anneliese's face as she dramatically inhales the cheesecake scent, and asks "Mmmm what's dat SMELL?"
  14. That no one is SICK today!
  15. That no one has had a toileting accident today! (knock on wood)
  16. When the tV remote works.
  17. Hearing my girls tell me they love me more often than "you're a mean mommy!"
  18. Sports bras that work.
  19. A soft bed.
  20. The silly, happy faces the kids make at each other just because they can.
  21. That my girls love each other.
  22. Being SNOW FREE for 2 weeks now! WHOO HOO!
  23. Nail files.
  24. The treadmill I wanted to use was right next to a fan.
  25. Granny Smith Apples.

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