Monday, March 31, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

On this rainy, dreary, chilly, last day of March, I am grateful for…

  1. My darling FIL being a healthy 80 yrs old.
  2. My beautiful daughters.
  3. My handsome husband.
  4. That the kids enjoyed dinner so much tonight that they fought for seconds and thirds.
  5. That Juliana willingly has already done most of her homework for tomorrow without a fight.
  6. That we got to spend an afternoon with the IL's for dinner at a Chinese Buffet yesterday, and then a beautiful afternoon outside with the kids.
  7. That when we were at the Chinese restaurant, Grace enjoyed it so much that she ate 2 full plates from the buffet and was thrilled that none of it had lactose.
  8. That Anneliese spontaneously told me she loves me today.
  9. Ooh ooh ooh that Prince Caspian should be in theaters soon! Squee!
  10. My darling, sweet cat Luna.
  11. Getting to sleep the whole night without anyone crying and startling me awake.
  12. That the heating oil guy fixed our heater after filling the tank, and the house is no longer 55º.
  13. Credit cards, when you just simply don't have $570 to pay for 150 gallons of heating oil.
  14. Having a fridge full of good food.
  15. My gym membership, and the fact that the girls have full school schedule this week!
  16. That I can take advantage of going to the gym every day for the rest of this week!
  17. That my SpotBot works so well on the couches.
  18. How my new couch arrangement makes my living room look nice and big.
  19. That I had just enough $$ to get my nails done this past Saturday and even got a lovely French manicure!
  20. Hot showers.
  21. Splenda.
  22. Advil, for keeping this stupid migraine I've had for the last 4 days under control.
  23. New front tires on the mini-van.
  24. The pediatric autism specialist finally calling me back today, and telling me that Grace isn't severe enough to benefit from his office because the kids he has are SO SEVERELY autistic.
  25. The Early Learning Center called me back too, and agreed to set up a PPT to try to get more special service days for Grace AND to get her special services over the Summer.

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