Friday, March 28, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Friday

Let's see what I can find to be grateful for today. It's a migraine day, so bare with me. Or is it bear with me? Whatever. I'm grateful (not greatful) for:

  1. ADVIL
  2. Hot tea
  3. Splenda
  4. My lovely daughters
  5. My sexy husband
  6. Gasoline discounts
  7. When the house is quiet
  8. Snuggles from my cat
  9. Flannel sheets and how wonderfully soft they are
  10. Toilet converter seats for toilet training
  11. That I still have 2 living grandparents who know my children
  12. The girls' silly sense of humor
  13. That both of my parents AND in-laws are living
  14. My vacuum cleaner, no joke
  15. Paxil and Ativan
  16. Tissues with lotion in them
  17. The pretty scent of oatmeal muffins that are cooling on the stove
  18. That Gracie has understanding, patient, good teachers
  19. That I get to spend time with Juliana for Brownies
  20. That Juliana and I got to have supper at McD's last night after our troop meeting, just the two of us.

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