Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

How FREAKING cool would it be to see Bon Jovi with Daughtry at Mohegan Sun in March?!? Tickets are, of course, sold out.

It's snowing. A lot. It's not supposed to stop until tomorrow morning. I am NOT shoveling this time. I did last time the frozen, slushy, white, icy shit fell from the sky and my back was out for the next 3 days. Hells no.

God Is A DJ is an awesome song.

I made a cucumber-tomato salad, with my famous homemade dressing, and it's chilling in the fridge. It's a huge bowl. I used 8 plum tomatoes and 2 huge cukes.

Today is meatless Friday. I actually remembered today.

I lost 2 days. I swear to God I thought it was Wednesday. I'm not kidding. I must be sicker than I thought. I've had laryngitis, which is already almost gone, but now I have a cough and stuffy nose. Ick.

I made waffles this morning for breakfast. I made enough to stick in the fridge for tomorrow and Sunday.

My feet are cold.

We're going to my best friend's daughter's 5th birthday party tomorrow. I still need to get her a gift. I'm not sure what to get her this time, but I'm going to try to find something artsy fartsy for her.

I am craving Chinese take-out.

I could really use a nap right now.

I like my new camera, but it doesn't have a zoom in/out feature on it. That sucks donkey balls.

I really, really, really hope Obama kicks Clinton's ass in the primaries. I do NOT want her as President. However, if it ends up being Obama vs McCain, I'm honestly not sure how I'll vote.

I am really appreciative of the fact that my daughters' father is active and in their lives. I'm extremely appreciative that we're still together, and our marriage is strong. I'm saddened for all of the single moms who have deadbeat baby-daddies and are frustrated about it. What kind of father walks away from the most important thing he's ever made?

Juliana broke my salt shaker. It was an accident, but the salty glass mess was a bit disconcerting. I was so afraid that some glass fell in the kids' food. It didn't.

Juliana has a very gappy mouth right now. Her adult teeth are growing in and look funny right now. Shhhh don't tell her I said that.

My credit card has Tinkerbell on it.

People drive like speed demon assholes on this street, even in bad weather. It's not a main street. It's an immediate turn off of a main back road off of a main road. We need speed bumps or an extra stop sign. There are too many kids on this street for people to drive like assholes. I'm going to start jotting down license plates.

Anneliese is getting better at identifying her colors.

Grace showed off the other day and showed me that she recognizes most of her numbers and letters. The only ones she missed were the ones that look similar to other numbers/letters. Like, she though B was 8 and vice verse. I'm so proud of her.

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