Monday, February 25, 2008

DAY ONE: Nothing But Skivvies

Anneliese has been potty training for a few months now. She's pretty much gotten the hang of the whole pee-in-the-toilet thing, and we're pretty sure that she's able (but unwilling) to go that extra mile to Poo in the toilet. We've had very few accidents after bed time, so that's encouraging too. Yesterday, Daddy and Mommy talked and decided to force the issue a bit, because a package of Pull-Ups once a week or every other week is an expense we're ready to phase out.

Here's our initial conversation with Anna:

"What do you think about wearing Big Girl Undies like Juliana?

***shakes her head "no***

"Dey gotta yook yike GRACE'S undies."

"OK, honey, so what kind would you like me to buy for you?"


"Oh dear, no. No Pull-Ups. Grace wears undies, sweetie. She likes pink and flowers. How about you?"

"OK, pink fwowers and rainbows."

"What if they have Princesses?"

"Mmmm, no, fwowers."

"Flowers it is."

This morning I showed her two new packages of skivvies, and she looked like a doe in the headlights, but excited. She is presently wearing the hot pink skivvies with her hot pink Barbie nightgown "betawse dey match." So far so good. I don't anticipate accidents until it's time to poo, and she doesn't like to poo to begin with. She usually holds it for every other day or so.

***fingers crossed***

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Allie D. said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! I feel that Elias was the hardest child on the planet to potty train. Quite simply, I was convinced the kid ENJOYED sitting in a steaming pile of his own refuse. lol