Monday, February 25, 2008

BabyCenter Feb 05 Moms: 3 Yr Montage!!!

I almost forgot that some of you check here more often than you check BabyCenter, but I wanted to make sure to let you in on the chance to include your kiddo in the Third Birthday Montage. I'm collecting photos right now.

You can post the photo on the BabyCenter thread for the montage (click here), through MySpace (click here, and if you're not already my friend I'll add you), or you may send it to my NEW host e-mail address:

Please be sure to include the information below:

Your SN:
Your First Name:
Your Toddler's Birthday:
Your Toddler's Name:
Your Toddler's Gender:

Do NOT worry about resizing the photos. I would much rather have photos that are HUGE because I can size them down as needed, but if they're too small, they might not work out well. So please don't have them be "avatar size." :-)

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Julie said...

Just posted! Thanks!