Sunday, December 30, 2007

The 2007 Gratefulness Journal, Sunday

This is my final gratefulness journal of 2007.

I am truly, honestly, deeply grateful…

  1. For my three beautiful, intelligent, sweet, funny, healthy daughters.
  2. For my handsome, hardworking, generous, kind, charming husband.
  3. For my best friend.
  4. For my mom.
  5. For my close friends.
  6. For Matt and Carrie.
  7. For Adam and Jackie.
  8. For my grandparents.
  9. For my aunts and uncles.
  10. For my cousins.
  11. For my nieces and nephew.
  12. For my SIL's and BIL's.
  13. For my MIL (most days) and FIL.
  14. For my darling kitten, Luna Tinkerbell.
  15. For hot tea, especially in delicious flavors.
  16. For hot coffee and how warm and delicious I feel when drinking it on a cold morning.
  17. For Splenda for my coffee.
  18. For comfy, soft slippers.
  19. For soft, fluffy sweaters.
  20. For toilet paper and paper towels.
  21. For my dishwasher, clothes washer and clothes dryer.
  22. For educational children's shows.
  23. For good music.
  24. For beautiful artwork.
  25. For general good health.
  26. For medicines to help keep and promote good health.
  27. For computer access, since most of my friends live in the computer.
  28. For a full fridge and pantry.
  29. For a warm home in the middle of a snow storm.
  30. For warm blankets.
  31. For electricity so that I don't have to be afraid of the dark.
  32. For telephones.
  33. For two working cars.
  34. For all of the improvements Grace has made over the past year.
  35. For figuring out Grace's lactose intolerance and autism.
  36. For Anneliese deciding to go through the process of potty training.
  37. For Juliana doing so much better on her tests and homework because she's enjoying it now.
  38. For our local library being only a mile and a half down the road.
  39. For Tylenol and Advil.
  40. For Paxil and Ativan.
  41. For decongestants and allergy medication.
  42. For logic and reason.
  43. For living in a country that allows freedom of religion.
  44. For a comfortable bed.
  45. For my online friends.
  46. For living in a good neighborhood in a good town.
  47. For being literate.
  48. For commercial cat food, so that I don't have to make Luna's meals myself.
  49. For successfully losing ten pounds so far, and keeping it off.
  50. For being able to witness my daughters growing up.
  51. For getting to see my daughters laugh and play together, and show each other love.
  52. For the times that Juliana is kind to Grace.
  53. For seeing the girls (mostly) get along.
  54. For how much the girls love their daddy.
  55. For how much Manny loves his daughters.
  56. For getting to share my life with my husband.
  57. For grocery stores, so that I don't have to work on a farm just to grow my own food.
  58. For shopping malls.
  59. For Wal-Mart.
  60. For living in a time where women have the right to vote.
  61. For bras and underwear.
  62. For health insurance.
  63. For a good school system and good teachers in our town, so that I don't have to home school.
  64. For my hairdryer.
  65. For hair elastics and barrettes because the girls like to have girlie hairdos.
  66. For good books.
  67. For my online calendar and automatic reminders for appointments.
  68. For rock salt to keep the walkway safe enough for the mailman so he won't fall and sue us.
  69. For the times when holidays are stress free, even though that's not very often.
  70. For coupons and discounts.
  71. For Grace's partial scholarship on her tuition.
  72. For a world full of colors and beautiful sights.
  73. For our soldiers, their families, and the sacrifices they make for us every single day. For the soldiers who get to come home safely to their families, even if they're a bit broken in body and spirit.
  74. For people who are willing to do the tough jobs that the majority of us couldn't imagine doing.
  75. For advocacy groups for worthy causes.
  76. For good little girls in my Brownie Troop.
  77. For snow days and vacation days from school.
  78. For my five senses.
  79. For toilets that work, and the plungers that keep them that way.
  80. For things that smell pretty, when my nose can actually smell them.

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