Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wow! A Whole Hand!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! MOMMY LOVES YOU! You will always be Mommy's little Princess, who loves kittens and flowers and rainbows and the color pink. My little lover of fairies and butterflies. You will always be my little artist, happiest while coloring, painting, and playing with clay. Just a few days ago, I asked you if you wanted to be a vet when you grow up, and you said "No, I'm going to an art... um, an arty... I'm going to be an arts and crafts lady." "You're going to be an artist?" "YES! AN ARTIST!" "Ooh that's wonderful. Mommy is an artist too. And did you know that you're already an artist?" ***sweet smile from Grace*** Yes, my darling, I love you to pieces, my little artist-in-training.

Yesterday, November 27th, my darling Grace Francesca turned FIVE YEARS OLD! She had such a great day, and was so cheerful until she realized the day was ending and it was time to go to bed. On sunday, we celebrated her birthday at my mom's house, and she got some great new toys that she's been carrying around with her and sleeping with.

She's such little sweetheart. I can't believe she's already five. She's making progress all the time, even with some regressions here and there. She's looking more and more like my grandmother every day, too.

Yesterday, I had another cake for her, because you know you can't have a birthday go by without having cake even if you already had a party with cake before. Per request, it was pink. It had blue icing, but lots of pink sugar on top. Shaped like a flower, she said it was the prettiest flower cake she'd ever seen. We gave her a cute little Fairy Kitten from Littlest Petshop, and the gift to top all gifts... a sand and water table. She was so excited when I let her try out the water side of the table. She plays with one at school when the weather is nice, and she just loves it. It's supposed to be very therapeutic for children with sensory and texture issues, so we're hoping that this will be play time that helps her.
I love my Frou Frou Princess.

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Dreen Pie said...

Awww, at first I thought today was her birthday and that she shared mine! Happy belated birthday beautiful girl!!! Those sand and water tables are a blast but you gotta be careful not to mix the two (water and sand) lol!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Gracie!!! ( the hello kitty ;o)