Thursday, November 08, 2007

It’s A Very Bad Week, Your Highness, A Very Bad Week

In the grand scope of badness, yes, there could be worse things to have happen. I appreciate that the Very Bad Things that have made this a Very Bad Week are what they are, and that no one I know is deathly ill, injured, or otherwise harmed. But oh, this is still a Very Bad Week and it's my blog so I'm going to whine and complain. If you don't want to be inflicted with my Very Bad Mood, go read something else. I won't be offended.

You know what? It'll just be easier to bullet what's been going on.

  1. Anneliese broke my glasses. I not only need them for viewing TV, reading, and seeing distance, but I need to drive with them.
  2. I had to buy entirely new lenses and frames because my old frames were discontinued, and I couldn't just exchange them.
  3. I am extremely broke. I don't even have a single penny in my pocketbook right now.
  4. Grace got into my nail polish, ruining one of my favorite pillow cases on my bed as she polished her nails. This, after climbing to reach the chain lock on my bedroom door to get to the nail polish.
  5. I decided to try the less expensive, Wal-Mart brand cat food, Special Kitty, for Luna. I thought I was getting a deal, being $0.30/can. It was a Very Bad Choice. She doesn't like the stuff, and to boot, there's not quite enough in it. She gets one can per day… each can is split in half, so that she gets some mixed with kibble for breakfast, and again at night. Her tummy is so small; she still can't eat just once a day yet. Well, these cans only have ¾ the amount that the Iams and other name brands have, and instead of being mostly meat, they've got a ton of gravy. I guess you get what you pay for. And since I love my kitten, I exchanged the defective food yesterday and bought the Iams instead. Sure, it's a $0.12 difference per can, but she likes it and eats it and it has what it's supposed to in it.
  6. The boy I babysit for dropped Luna as he stood on an art desk, and she hit her back on the way down, but thankfully isn't incapacitated.
  7. Luna yonked twice yesterday, once next to her food dish, which Grace cleaned up while I was at the dentist. Once was actually all over Juliana and my couch. Juliana laughed, gagged, and asked for a shower.
  8. Luna yonked again this morning after eating her breakfast. This time, all over Grace and my couch.
  9. I keep getting side-tracked in calling the vet.
  10. This morning, I had my hair cut, and while I like it, it's much shorter than I wanted. I like it and yet I hate it right now. It's just too short. Good thing? Anneliese and Grace came with me and were the best-behaved little angels I could have asked for.
  11. After leaving the salon, I called Sears to see if my glasses were ready. They were, but I can't pick them up today. At least not yet.
  12. As I was passing Grace's preschool (½ mile down the road from our house) I got pulled over by a police officer.
  13. Apparently, as I was singing to the girls in the car, I was slightly over the speed limit.
  14. The very nice female officer told me that my registration was expired.
  15. I did not have a current copy of my insurance card.
  16. She also *should have* cited me for not having my glasses.
  17. THANK GOD she gave me the benefit of the doubt, didn't give me tickets, and simply followed me home to make sure that I parked the car and went in the house. I can't drive until The Husband renews my registration. This must be done tonight. Otherwise I can't take Grace to school tomorrow, nor can I take Juliana to a Brownie function tomorrow night.
  18. Grace has since pooped and peed on the floor.
  19. Anneliese has soaked through two Pull-Ups today, and is refusing to use the toilet even though she's been doing it for about two weeks.
  20. Today is laundry day. I have nothing clean to wear. That's not bad, as much as just one more thing I have to take care of today.
  21. I am now in a Very Bad Mood, and don't like it when my lists end on an odd number.
  22. There, that's better.

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~aj~ said...

Yep, that definitely qualifies for a VERY bad week indeed. Hope this week is much, much better!