Thursday, October 25, 2007

Very Bad Things To Do, Part III

Oh, how I wish these weren't true...

  1. Trying to pee in the kitten's litter box, but missing and hitting the floor instead.
  2. Ruining your big sister's Very Important Book Assignment.
  3. Not waiting for Mommy and painting your nails yourself.
  4. Eating nothing but the marshmallow charms in Lucky Charms and thinking that equals "breakfast."
  5. Smearing peanut butter on the walls.
  6. Peeling paint off of the bathroom door.
  7. Drawing in chalk all over the slate foyer.
  8. Using all of Mommy's foundation powder.
  9. Using Mommy's mascara to paint your hair.
  10. Asking to get the kitten's ears pierced... really, don't even THINK about it.
  11. Cutting your sister's hair because you think she'd look cute with "more bangs." And for the record, her bangs are not on the back of her head.
  12. Using library books as if they were coloring books.
  13. Hiding the poop you accidentally missed getting into the toilet.
  14. Trying on Mommy's brand new deodorant, and managing somehow to knock off a whole chunk from the bar.
  15. Playing with your coochie in front of company.

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