Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Very Bad Things To Do, Part II

And the list grows.

  1. Dropping the phone in the sink.
  2. Forgetting to bleach the bath tub for two weeks.
  3. Not letting your mother brush your hair for two days.
  4. Running out of deodorant.
  5. Running out of gas in the car.
  6. Forgetting to to thaw out dinner until an hour before having to start cooking.
  7. Picking the kitten up by the neck until her eyes bulge.
  8. Stabbing your mother in the arse with a fork.
  9. Holding your bladder so long that when you finally pee, the Pull-Up can't handle the massive amount and leaks in a stream down your leg.
  10. Opening up the package of quick-rise yeast and tasting it like you expect it to be sugar.
  11. Eating from the kitten's food dish.
  12. Wrapping several hair elastics around your wrist, then showing Mommy and saying "Isn't my hand a pretty shade of purple Mommy?"
  13. Trying to eat used tea bags.
  14. Trying to heave your bicycle over the fence out of the backyard after Mommy told you it's not time to ride bikes on the sidewalk.
  15. Leaving the Jack O'Lantern on the porch when it's been warm outside, causing the pumpkin to rot sooner and attract clouds of fruit flies.

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