Friday, September 07, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Friday

Today, I am grateful...

  1. For my daughters.
  2. For my husband.
  3. For being able to have two working cars.
  4. Dunkin Donuts, and their coffee.
  5. Grace isn't having ANY trouble starting back up at school.
  6. That the OT team is FINALLY going to do a formal evaluation on Grace AND they're taking her Asperger diagnosis seriously.
  7. Juliana did her homework without much trouble last night.
  8. Nail files.
  9. How good a hot shower feels.
  10. How great the new hairdryer and brush work compared with the old ones.
  11. Anneliese is coping well with both of her sisters being at school, even though she cries when Juliana gets on the bus and when we drop Grace off at the classroom.
  12. That Anneliese loves her sisters so much that when they're at school she asks every 20 minutes where they are.
  13. That I get to steal a few moments while her sisters are at school to snuggle and get kisses.
  14. The fresh clean scent of the girl's skin and hair after a shower/bath.
  15. My online friends.
  16. That my girls laugh much more often than they cry.
  17. Febreze Lavender & Vanilla, to match my laundry.
  18. Crayola's new markers where the caps don't come off!!!
  19. Having an official Lactose Intolerance diagnosis for Grace.
  20. My grandparents, who just celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

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