Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pants Would Have Been a GREAT Idea

Hell, even leggings, the rekindled 80's fashion trend despised by anyone who isn't a size 2 or smaller, would have been better than not wearing pants. And not only not wearing pants, but not wearing at LEAST a thong either.

Girlfriend is out in public with a shirt and matching boots and nothing else. Yes, the shirt is lovely, and the bag is a cute mommy bag, and the boots kind of adorable. But an entire outfit it does not make.

Didn't SOMEONE tell Britney that she forgot her pants? I would think that poor little Sean P, if he even saw Mommeigh on the morning these pics were taken, would have giggled and said "MAMA! You need pants!" Or how about the housekeeper? The nanny? Her bodyguards, mayhaps? No one said "Hey Brit, remember the last time you went out without skivvies? The world wasn't too forgiving."

OK, OK, maybe I'm being too judgmental here. Maybe her skivvies and pants/adorable skirt are in her mommy bag. Maybe she just wasn't READY to get fully dressed that day. OK, then again, maybe not.

Maybe she thought the shirt is really a dress? Even so, skivvies would be in order after the last fiasco. I just can't help but think that all KFed has to do to win this custody battle over the kids will be to just keep waiting for the headlines and clipping them to add to the file. He doesn't even have to say anything, just turn the file over to the judge.

Britney, darling, the offer is still open to have you spend a week here with me and my kids. Bring your boys. Please. And do it BEFORE the court hearings for the boys OK?

All photos in this blog entry are courtesy of The Daily Mail.

ETA: I feel like I have to address the hair. Brit, honey, the extensions? Not better than baldness.


Allie D. said...

OMG!! You'd think after the infamous beaver shot a few months ago, she would have learned SOMETHING about the importance wearing bottoms, be they a skirt, pants, or even underwear.

Christ, she's either a complete moron or is so strung out on drugs she can't even dress herself anymore!

Allie D. said...

Oh and just so ya know, I'm going to post a little something on this on Myspace as well and I'm going to give you credit. lol

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

But you know that all the restaraunts say "no shirt, no shoes, no service". They say nothing about no pants!