Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For Children Diagnosed With ASD

I posted this on my MySpace support group for ASD parents and on BabyCenter Feb 05, but thought I'd share it here too. The more people who can take advantage of this, the better for the child's sake.

This is legitimate. I got the web site from 2-1-1 through United Way on the Children's Health Info Line. If your child has been diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) then she is legally entitled to services through your town's education system, but she is ALSO entitled to apply for this grant.

The site goes into more detail, but essentially it would help cover medical expenses that are not covered by your primary health insurance (NOT dental). So the $25 copays we pay for each visit (weekly and biweekly to a child psychiatrist, so far) could potentially be covered and allow us to go as often as weekly. I just spoke with a rep from United Healthcare, and this application actually went live officially yesterday (8/27/07). I submitted an application for Grace (who has Asperger's Disorder on the ASD scale) this morning.


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