Friday, August 10, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Friday

Today, on this rainy Friday, I am very grateful for:

  1. My three beautiful daughters.
  2. My husband, who took a day off yesterday so that we could spend the day together.
  3. Having an online calendar.
  4. Paxil & Ativan.
  5. That today is nice and cool, with a whopping 58ยบ!
  6. Getting to hear the soft sound of rainfall out my back porch, with the door open.
  7. The scent of homemade brownies filling the house.
  8. The moments of silence after all 3 girls spent the better part of an hour crying/screaming/tantruming/arguing.
  9. That the house didn't burn down when the toaster oven tray caught fire last night.
  10. Ice cold drinks.
  11. Working electricity.
  12. Running water.
  13. Unclogged toilets.
  14. Library books.
  15. Less than a month before Juliana starts 2nd grade.
  16. That Gracie gets a scholarship taking $40 off per month for her tuition to preschool this year.
  17. The ability to read.
  18. The rare nights I get to sleep the whole night through, without a problem from one of the girls.
  19. That it can be as simple as making Gracie a beaded necklace to make her happy, and hearing her say "Juliana broke the necklace I made! Mommy made a new one! It's my favorite one ever!"
  20. Hugs from my girls.

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