Monday, August 13, 2007

Food For Thought

“We should always remember that our strength still lies in our faith in the good sense of the American people. And that the climate in Washington is still opposed to those enduring values, those ‘permanent things’ that we’ve always believed in... Washington is a place of fads and one-week stories.
It’s also a company town, and the company’s name is government, big government... In the discussion of federal spending, the time has come to put to rest the sob sister attempts to portray our desire to get government spending under control as a hard-hearted attack on the poor people of America.”
~Ronald Reagan~

“Today’s Democratic politicians flood the airwaves declaring that victory in Iraq and elsewhere in the ideological fight of our generation is impossible, they call for the immediate withdrawal of our troops which would eventuate a humanitarian and national security disaster, they sabotage our commander-in-chief at every turn, and they denounce American soldiers as war criminals. And this is for a war they voted for.
The sad truth is that, since Vietnam, the only time the Left in this nation wins is when America loses. We are engaged in a generational war, an ideological struggle every bit as threatening as our challenges last century with fascism, Nazism and Communism. Can we rely on presidential candidates from the Left such as Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton? Not with the demonstrated and continued ignorance and irresponsible perspective of the Democrats. They are our enemies’ allies. Put on your flash goggles on America, the Democrats are coming.”
~Buzz Patterson~

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