Monday, August 20, 2007

A Big Fat Chapter, Closed. I Think.

Albeit a tad late. Fatfamily02, the crazy lady who was convinced that she was carrying Miracle Twins after a hysterectomy, posted an update. Maybe they were miraculously absorbed into her inner tubesock, or maybe, just maybe, they were beamed away by aliens. Or maybe her god decided that the cosmic joke was over, and he'd stop yanking her knitted uterus.

Whatever happened, it only took her two years to figure out that she wasn't carrying Miracle Twins. I sincerely hope that whatever health issues she really was having are gone, and won't recur. I'm not sure her fragile psyche could handle it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Current mood: cheerful

As most of you know I have been dealing with a situation in my stomach for some months now. For a very long time I believed that I was pregnant, for I have a promise from the Father for "a miracle baby." all though I have tried to seek medical help--they could not find anything wrong with me. well, the other day my stomach just went flat, after a night of watching and praying with a healing service on TBN. They never did call out something with my symptoms, but I woke up the next morning feeling completely different. I still have a lot of tenderness in my stomach, but I can now drive my car and I can sit down. I am so relieved that this long battle is over.
The funny thing is I felt the freedom in my spirit first. It was a saturday--and I met God in my prayer room in a mighty way and I felt freedom in my spirit like I had not felt in a very long time. I came to church on sunday and pastor was saying he felt this great freedom in his spirit too. I think he might have been feeling what had happened to me--the day before. Thank you Jesus.
Praise God forevermore and God Bless my pastor and my church home.

Love out to you all,


kharizzmatik said...


I wonder about that woman....

Anonymous said...


I have nothing else to say. I'm trying so hard to keep from laughing, but it's not working. lmao.

Queen♥J€§§i©@♥W€§§i©@♥ said...

Carrie, it's even funnier if you know the whole history. Go on, click the fatfamily link to go read the whole story. Go on, I dare you! ;-)

Andie said...

I'm no doctor, but I believe she's suffered from a bad case of bloating & gas that has finally released! That must have been one stinky house!!