Friday, July 06, 2007


All I should have to say, once, to my children is:


I should NOT have to repeatedly say "AAAAHHHH! What did you do to my walls!" and "Oh sweet Mary, I hope that comes off the walls!"

I soooo wish the camera were working right now. Darn UPS, late with my replacement battery door piece!!!


Jackie said...

Ian and Lexi grabbed a black magic PERMANENT marker and made them selves tribal Indians, and before I found out why they were being so quiet, they drew all over my concrete patio at my APARTMENT. Now how the heck am i going to get that off before we have to move out?? lol I'm hoping the sun fades it lol. Magic Erasers work great on the walls. I've had many crayon accidents that I've had to use those for. Good luck!

♥J€§§†©@♥W€§§†©@♥ said...

OMG permanent marker on your patio?!? Maybe you could paint over it in white or light gray. Eek! I got most of the chalk off the walls, but some of it was really bad and we'll have to paint over it. YES chalk. It's REALLY hard to lift off of our slate foyer, for some reason. {{{sigh}}}