Saturday, June 30, 2007

BBC Feb 05 Moms: Please Read!

I know that some of you don't check in or post often on the Babycenter Feb 05 board lately, and some of you don't check MySpace often either, but I wanted to let you know that I'm working on the 2 yr birthday slideshow.

I'm working on some kinks even though I've uploaded everything I already received, but I will still take more photos if you want to participate. You just have to e-mail me the picture or a link to the picture, which should be around the time of the 2nd birthday.

I need:
  1. *The photo link to me here on MySpace or the link or attachment e-mailed to me at my hostie e-mail,
  2. *Your BabyCenter screen name
  3. *Your first name
  4. *Your Feb 05 Toddler's first name, and if you like, their middle name
  5. *Your Feb 05 Toddler's birthdate.
  6. *Let me know if your kiddo was a preemie born sooner than Feb 05 (Jan, Dec, Nov 04) and you were with us when preggo, and conversely, let me know if your baby was a preemie that was born in Feb 05 but was due much later (March, April, May 05). I'll include that info in the caption on the photo if you like.
  7. If you have multiples, send the info for each child separately.

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