Monday, May 14, 2007

I Already Said "No"

"Hi, honey, whatcha doing?"

"I need this open."

Hands Mommy a salsa jar.

"Hmmm, are you hungry?"

"Mommy, I need this open."

"How about we get you a real snack? Would you like a cinnamon pancake from this morning?"

"No, I need the salsa open."

"Would you like a drink of water to go with the pancake?"

"No, I want salsa. Please open that."

"I can't honey. Look, it's empty."

"Oh, it's empty. Can you open that?"

"I said it's empty. Let's choose another snack with some water."

"No, I want salsa. Can you please open that Mommy?"

"Oh look, there are some plain pancakes left, honey! Would you like me to warm one up and put a little bit of syrup on it?"

"I want you to open the salsa!"

"Honey, I already said no."

"NO! I WANT THAT! Open it please."

"Honey, what's inside the jar?"

"It's empty, Mommy."


"Can I have some ice cream?"

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