Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Funny Gracie-ism

Apparently, Grace remembers the dish-washing soap therapy I used on her the last time she cussed. She was using the bathroom, and closed the door. She was in there a bit too long, so I opened the door to find her standing on the counter stark nekkid. I asked her what she was doing, and she replied "I had to go poopie."

I looked in the toilet, and saw pee, but no poop. I even checked the sink. Nothing.

"Honey, there's no poopie there. Where is it hiding?"

"It's hiding up my aaaaa--- it's in my coochie."


Jackie said...

Do you call it coochie? Coochie always seemed so very Lil' Kim to me lol. I think if I were momma I'd rather her aaaa :)

she's adorable Isn't it amazing how much their little minds can put together at this age?

♥J€§§†©@♥W€§§†©@♥ said...

Ha ha actually, I don't mind "coochie." The important thing was that she caught herself and refrained from cussing ;-)