Monday, April 02, 2007

Gratefulness Journal 4/2/07

Today, I'm so grateful for:

  1. My Aunt Fee being found in time to be brought to the hospital.
  2. My three beautiful, healthy daughters.
  3. My husband.
  4. Generic Claritin.
  5. Advil.
  6. My best friend, who "replaced" the Puppy Surprise that Gracie lost yesterday.
  7. My dishwasher.
  8. Hot coffee.
  9. A working microwave.
  10. That the rain we're getting today will decrease the likelihood of brush fires.
  11. That the rain we're getting is NOT snow or sleet,
  12. Grace seems to be in a great mood today.
  13. Manny letting me FINALLY get my nails done this past Saturday.
  14. Today is my FIL's 79th birthday.
  15. Easter weekend is coming this weekend already!

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