Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chocolatey Delicious Deities Drama Continues

When The Queen is wrong, she can admit it. She is not one of those hypocritical Majesties that can't fess up to when she's made some error in judgement or an incorrect assumption. Granted, it doesn't happen often because let's face it... I'm just that good. But here it is. A piece of history.

I made a near-fatal error in my original blog about Jesus being the only deity that would be made of chocolate. How there wouldn't be a chocolate Buddha. I was wrong. If you visit Chocolate Deities: Chocolate Gods and Goddesses and Chocolate Buddha, you will, in fact, find practically ANY DEITY in edible chocolate form, ready for your purchase. This does not, in any way, take from the fact that Jesus, in all of his Almighty Sweet Goodness, is six feet tall, or that He has managed to be a source of controversy to the point of being silenced by the Pharisees yet again hotel staffers afraid to commission the art for the public to see.

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