Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh, Woe Is The Saga Of FatFamily02

I'll bet y'all thought I forgot about the Miracle Twins. After all of the effort into sharing the chronical last year, I couldn't possibly forget dear Joanna aka fatfamily02. If you're not familiar with the Saga of fatfamily02, a 44 year old woman who had a hysterectomy and was convinced she was carrying dotGod's promise of a miracle in her belly, feel free to follow any and all links.

Well, she was *supposed* to be due with the blobs of joy April 1st. Her claim was that they would likely be overdue since all of her babies were born past their due date. She's still at it, although somewhat less vehemently than before. It seems she still refuses to even consider that she might have Cushing's Disease, since she claims that basically,and her doctors still can't find anything medically wrong with her, although they concede that her belly is rather larger than it should be.. She actually posted an update at EHealth (click here). Which spawned an Update Thread on the hilarious BNaBBT. It seems that dotGod is still keeping the doctors from seeing the babies in the ultra-sounds. She still won't concede that she can't possibly be pregnant, which would make her something like 20 months pregnant. I haven't seen if she claims that they're still moving all over the place inside of her, but thankfully, she also hasn't posted links to mothers who had a baby inside them for 20 years. If she did, someone would have to point out how those babies couldn't possibly be alive after so long. And if she WERE pregnant, after 20 months, I can only imagine the condition of the fetuses. That would make me sad, if it were found she was telling the truth all this time.

I'm really going with my instincts on this one, and continue to support the thought that the doctors just think she's looney tunes, otherwise, wouldn't they have done some sort of exploratory surgery??? SHOULDN'T they have done exploratory surgery? If this woman wants to find out one way or another, if the doctors want to find out what's wrong, whether it be a tumor, twins, Cushing's, or plain old Crazy Lady syndrome, why hasn't someone done some sort of surgery? Blood tests and X-Rays and Ultrasounds clearly aren't enough.

Other suggestions for getting rid of the problem include, I don't know, laying off the beer? Taking off the prosthetic pregnancy pillow? Sending her to a psychotherapist? Getting thyself to a therapist, to a learning hospital like Yale or something, a gastroentorologist, or hell, a voodoo high priestess? Honestly, I'm still concerned for Crazy Lady Pregnant with .God's Miracle Twins, although I suppose if she ever happened upon my blog, she'd rebuke me and accuse me of being guilty of collusion with Satan. To that I say "eh, it's part of my spiritual journal." Which you can do a search on with the tool bar at the top of my blog.

Still so many questions unanswered. If anything, I have MORE questions than I did before.

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