Monday, March 12, 2007

Gratefulness Journal

Today, I'm very grateful fo:

  1. My three beautiful, smart, silly, funny, sweet, happy daughters.
  2. My husband, even though he can be an insensitive ass sometimes.
  3. When Grace says silly things, like "Mamma, you have coffee kisses! Yum!" after I give her a kiss.
  4. That Anneliese is napping right now.
  5. Caffeinated coffee.
  6. My online friends.
  7. That Manny took the girls to his mom's for a visit yesterday, and she gave the kids pesto for dinner.
  8. That I got to stay home and rest my migraine while he took the kids to his mom's.
  9. That I didn't have to deal with my MIL telling me how fat I am or that she hates my new haircut (I know she'd hate it, it's short).
  10. That I was able to get out and get a haircut this weekend, without having to touch the scissors myself.
  11. That it's a beautiful sunny 51ยบ today and the snow is melting.
  12. That BNaBBT makes me laugh harder some days than I've ever laughed in my life.
  13. For the DVR, being able to record that new Barbie Fairytopia movie about the magic rainbow, so that we don't have to blow $14.99 on it.
  14. That Grace has really good teachers at her preschool, and the specialists at the Early Childhood Learning Center think I got her into the best school in town.
  15. That the preschool Grace is in is Montessori style without being Montessori expensive. Holy crap, they over-charge at Montessori schools.
  16. My fuzzy slippers.
  17. Paper towels.
  18. My vacuum cleaner.
  19. That the girls enjoy me drawing things for them to color in since we STILL don't have a farking printer.
  20. My digital camera.

1 comment:

Damselfly said...

Man...I love MILs...ugh. When I was 8 months pregnant mine told me that I needed to be careful because I was big before I got pregnant....even though I had spent a year losing 36 lbs and looked better than I had in years. And now...she takes every chance she can to tell me how hefty my son is even though he's in the 50% for wieght. Too funny!