Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog Challenge... I Challenge You...

Here's the challenge. To anyone who reads this entry, the challenge is to write a letter to your 18 yr old self from your current self. I'll be doing this myself too, and I'll post my letter when it's done. The challenge includes POSTING your letter to yourself either in your own blog, or as a comment to this blog entry, or both. Go ahead, I'll wait.

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Damselfly said...

Dear 18 year old,

I know alot about you. Don’t ask why. Just read my list of advice and take it as fact.

-Don’t think you’re’re not.
-Don’t be afraid of things. The world is not as big as you might think.
-Write to your grandmother...she really does like to hear from you.
-Dump him. He’s not worth it and he’s going to break your heart.
-Keep in touch with people...friends are vital.
-Save yourself the effort, don’t accept the first marriage proposal...wait for the second.
-Play soccer. As much and as often as you can.
-Don’t be afraid to be like your mom...she’s not so bad.
-Be open to all opportunities...they don’t last long.
-Don’t be disappointed in your parents...they never want to let you down.
-Kiss that boy with the guitar across the street.
-Don’t put the ink bottle on your roommate's carpet.
-Do what you want, not what’s expected of you.
-Don’t chase that guy to NY, he’s SO not worth it.
-Have high expectations for yourself, not others.
-Trust no girls named Cami.
-Don’t talk about people behind their backs unless you would say it to their face.
-Never talk about your ex’s with the new guy you’re dating.
-Don’t try online dating.
-Rethink the angel tattoo...if you wait a couple years you’ll meet a better artist.
-Don’t feel bad when people tell you that you’re’s a good thing!

Ok, I could probably go on but there are so many things that you need to do to be the person I like.

Head up young person,
29 year old.

********Thanks for the exercise. It's actually very telling. Love your's nice to know there are more out there like me.****************