Monday, March 26, 2007

Another Life

This picture was taken almost 9 years ago. It was taken on our honeymoon, on the cruise ship. It's one of my favorite photos ever, even though my hair was pretty straw-like due to the fact that I forgot to pack shampoo and conditioner, and had to rely on the stuff they give you in the cabin, and then the stuff from the on-board salon.

Oh, it was so much fun. I hope some day we can do this again, maybe when we renew our wedding vows.

When I look at this picture, it's like seeing someone else, or watching myself in another life. It WAS another life.

One where I only thought I was fat. One where there were no little children to chase after and take care of. One where it was just me and my husband, and we could lay in bed all day if we wanted to. One where we could go out to eat at a restaurant and not have to check the budget first. One where we could go to a movie AND out to a restaurant in the same month, even!

Not that I miss that life, per se... I do, but I think what I actually miss is being able to fit into that slinky black dress. Some day, I swear, I WILL fit into that dress again. I'm still motivated, and I fully intend to follow through on my plan. But for now, life interrupts and I have to go drop off a child at preschool. Ciao, for now.

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